From 1978 -’84, the Class donated a total of $5,500 for the baseball scoreboard, identified as a gift from the Class of 1962.

By 2002, however, $40,400 was needed to replace the original scoreboard with a modern version. Of that total cost, $22,000 came from the Class Gift Fund; and 24 individual classmates made additional gifts of $18,400 to complete the financing of the project. In addition to a large Class of 1962 legend on the scoreboard itself, there is a bronze plaque at the entrance to the field acknowledging the Class’ gift and listing the names of the individual donors.

The Agreement we have with the University and the Department of Athletics is that the Class of 1962 designation, which was renewed in 2018, is good for 15 years, i.e., until 2033.

Here’s another historical tidbit: “Give My Regards to Davy,” written by a trio of Cornell roommates in 1905, actually refers to a fictional encounter between an anonymous student and David (Davy) Fletcher Hoy, the registrar and secretary for the committee on student conduct, over the student’s binge drinking. In as much as that is our scoreboard on Hoy Field, “Davy” is definitely our boy! (Source: Wikipedia.)

HOY FIELD SCOREBOARD dedication in 1979 (l to r): Charles Bengochea ‘79 (team captain), Hal Sieling’62, Dick Schultz (Director of Athletics), Ted Thoren (coach and honorary member of Class of ‘62), Neil Schilke ‘62, and Gary Kaczor ’80.
HOY FIELD SCOREBOARD dedication in 1979
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