Frank and Rosa Rhodes Class of 1962 Tradition Fellowship


From an original endowment of $60,000 ($21,000 from the Class Gift Fund, $24,000 from six classmates, and $15,000 through a matching grant to the University) in 1995, the market value of our Tradition Fellowship is today in excess of $211,000, helped along by additional gifts from the Class Gift Fund and individual classmates.  The money is held by the University in the Long-Term Investment Pool.

For more than a decade, the Class has been helping to fund one of the most practical national student aid programs on the Hill. In 2023, the Frank and Rosa Rhodes Tradition Fellowship will provide a bit more than $7,800 per year to students who fulfill work and volunteer requirements, as well as maintain a specific grade point average. But what’s unique about this program is that the monies go toward reducing student loans. In other words, if a student qualifies for four years, he or she can reduce his/her student loan bill by much as $28,000. Since 1995, 18 students students have qualified for support from our Class.

Here is the list of our recipients.

1995-96Lowell Frank ‘99, MD ’03. MD, AB from Arts & Sciences, MD from Weill Cornell Medical College
1995-96Kelly Irvine ’00, Ohio, Architecture Major
1996-97Frank Lowell ‘99
1996-97Kelly Irvine ‘00
1997-98Sahar Shirazi ’01, ’05 (JD). Beaumont, Texas; Psychology/Women’s Studies, Arts & Sciences
1997-99Lowell Frank ‘99
1999-03Kylie Quesnel ’04, VT, BS from Ag & Life Sciences
2003-04Brett Fedigan ’07. NY, BS Applied Econ and Management - Ag & Life Sciences
2004-06Thomas Pastuszak ’06, NY/Briarwood; AB/Biol Sci/Arts & Sci.
2005-09Betsey Howland ’09, NY/Canbor; BS in Animal Sc, Ag & Life Sciences
2009-10Luis Corzo ’14, NY, BS/BAR from AAP
2010-13Janelle Boyd‘13, NY, BS from Ag & Life Sciences
2013-14Reinaldo Hernandez ’17, FL, BS from College of Engineering
2014-15Diane Tarira ’18, NY, AB from College of Arts & Sciences
2015-17Joseph Zolik ’19, Germany, of College Arts & Sciences
2017-21Anja Samardzija ’21, College of Engineering
2021-22Camilo Ortiz ’25, Columbia, SC Johnson School of Business/Nolan School of Hotel Administration
2022-23 Abbie Jobe ’26, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences