April 2023


Spring — the season of change everywhere — is bringing a change to our Class, as well. Evelyn Eskin has decided to step down as Class Correspondent but will stay involved in Class activities going forward.  Thank you to Evelyn for her efforts on behalf of the Class.  Judy Prenske Rich has picked up the correspondent responsibilities. Send her your news. Now! Please!

A dearth of entries thus far leaves us with these very interesting reflections from Mike Eisgrau, long-time Class Council member and former Class Newsletter editor: “It’s hard to believe that I’m retired after 58 years in broadcast news and public relations. After Cornell, I received my Masters from Medill Graduate School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago.

”Broadcast news is a 24-hour lifestyle so I began my career by writing radio newscasts overnight for WGN Chicago and then for WLS in the same city. In the mid-60’s I was anchoring TV news in Elkhart/South Bend, Indiana, but good fortune got me back to my hometown of New York, where I spent 24 years on the air for the late, great WNEW Radio News. One of my assignments: being dropped in by helicopter to the 1969 Woodstock Festival. I was also a New York-based correspondent for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“In 1991 I became Director of Public Affairs, the chief of PR, for the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, but had to retire in 2005 to be with my late wife, Betty in her final days.

“I’m remarried to a beautiful gal. We split our time between homes and my offices in Sarasota, Florida and Manhattan. I remain a man of only a few million words.”

It may be hard to top this, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Send along news of your current, past, and future life to Judy Prenske Rich. Entries that appear here will also be submitted to the Alumni News section of Cornellians, unless otherwise instructed.

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