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When Cornell discontinued Cornell Alumni Magazine (CAM) last year, we decided to post here all the news from classmates that we had been accumulating. “Classmate News” not only features current news but includes an archive of postings from the past year and earlier.

Everything that is sent to Judy Prenske Rich is also passed along to the editor of Cornellians. The biggest differences between the entries in Class Notes in Cornellians and Classmate News our website are that we have no deadlines or limits on word-length. This allows your postings to be timelier, longer, and can include photos. And, of course, our website is dedicated to all things Class of 1962.

Thank you for submitting your news. To see if your email address is on the list to receive Cornellians, contact Lauren Coffey, Director of Class Programs. To find out what is now and has been going in the Class for the past 60+ years, check out this website it its entirety.


June 2024

Here’s the news that’s come over the transom since our last column. If you’ve missed this one, you can atone by sending news for the next one. From Ewing, N.J., Patricia Carlin White writes that now that she has retired from teaching high school home economics – “Culinary Arts,” she is keeping busy as a textile artist making handwoven...

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April 2024

This column is being written in April which, as we all know, is tax month. In the absence of personal entries from classmates, I thought it fitting to write about another set of figures: Classmate and Class-based Giving. In this the 62nd year of the Class of 1962,...

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February 2024

The College of Veterinary Medicine has established the Stephen J. Ettinger 1962, D.V.M. 1964 Scholarship in honor of this outstanding veterinarian whose broad-reaching influence has impacted the college and the veterinarian profession Ettinger is considered a founder...

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December 2023

This “Classmate News” column that you are now reading was written in mid-December! Alas, there is a serious lack of actual news from you. Presumably many of you are caught up in your holiday and winter activities and will share all those goings on when you get a...

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October 2023

From John Abel (Cornell Professor Emeritus of  Civil & Environmental Engineering who is still living in his lovely lakefront home on Cayuga Lake) comes great news for the Class. “On a beautiful autumn Ithaca day, I was on campus for an errand and decided to...

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August 2023

Classmate News/August More news from John Curtis ‘62 BCE ’64 MCE ‘65: “After enjoying a short trip to Quebec City for our 60th anniversary, Janie and I traveled to India in December as representatives of our Rotary District in the Dallas Metro to observe several...

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June 2023

Thomas Seaman writes that he does most of the cooking in his home in Jefferson, NC where he and his wife, Carole, are enjoying beautiful scenery, sunny days, mountain views, and visits with their kids. Photographer Frances Denn Gallogy and her husband took their...

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April 2023

Spring — the season of change everywhere — is bringing a change to our Class, as well. Evelyn Eskin has decided to step down as Class Correspondent but will stay involved in Class activities going forward.  Thank you to Evelyn for her efforts on...

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March 2023

Receipt of some holiday letters from classmates is the basis for this class column, and a good way to highlight current activities from some very active classmates!  Please send me yours so I can add more recent news in upcoming columns! [email protected]. Alan...

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November 2022

There are just two entries for this month, but they contain some good ideas for classmates to ponder. The first, a brief account of a lovely trip, reminds us that many classmates are now traveling again and might enjoy sharing highlights of their trips. Since none of...

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October 2022

In the aftermath of our boffo reunion and follow up news, we understand that classmates are regrouping. Still, a few have sent along news that we are pleased to share here: Frances Deann Gallogly recently gave up her “beloved garden” to live in two small...

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